Letter from the Editor


7 Breast carcinoma


Leading articles

9     The management of thyroid nodules. First part: benign nodules

Leoutsakos V.


19     Variables predicting the severity in acute pancreatitis

Anghelacopoulos SE, Uhl W, Buchler MW.


28     Pheochromocytoma

Aidonopoulos AP.


31     Nodular goiter and thyroid carcinoma

Aidonopoulos AP.

Clinical studies

34     Influence of contrast medium on course and outcome of severe acute pancreatitis: results of a randomized controlled multicenter study

Anghelacopoulos SE, Uhl WH, Beger HG, Adler G, Gaus W, Malfertheiner P, Büchler MW.


44     Subacute hematogenous osteomyelitis in severly ill patients.A 13-year retrospective study

Bischiniotis I, Tziris N, Koulouris N, Papadimitriou N, Aidonopoulos A.

Experimental work

48     Combined ivIG and a-tocopherol pretreatment attenuates lipid peroxidation of the liver after severe ischemia/reperfusion injury

Giakoustidis D, Iliadis S, Giakoustidis A, Tsantilas D, Kostopoulou E, Kontos N, Papageorgiou G, Gerasimidis T.

Case reports

56     Surgical treatment of sacrococcygeal chordoma. A case report

Giakoustidis D, Karamanos D, Tsinoglou N, Tsantilas D,Venizelos J, Christodoulou A, Gerasimidis Th.


60     A re-evaluation of efficacy of octreotide in phase I-II. Study of acute pancreatitis

Uhl W, Anghelacopoulos SE, Friess H, Büchler MW.